Ilmalanlinna solutions are both pleasant and sustainable

Technological forerunner

Sustainability is the overall objective in the development process of Ilmalanlinna when it comes to building techniques and accessibility, as well as services. Low emissions and recyclability regarding materials and furnishings allow the tenant to make sustainable choices.

WELL Sertification

In addition to the technical characteristics, the building will be valued according to the health and well-being of the property users. Investing in the well-being and comfort of users will also improve the company’s productivity and attractiveness.

Building automation

The operations, technical devices and consumption levels of the property will be monitored by means of building automation systems, from which data can be gathered for the benefit of the tenant and owner. Bringing utility levels to the attention of the users is often the most beneficial way of making people change their behaviour, lower their energy usage, or increase their level of recycling.

Other technological advantages

Other technological advantages will be defined together with the customers based on their needs.

Project facts

Square meters:

12 529,5 m2


750-800 pcs

Parking spaces:

173 pcs


Min. LEED Gold

Meeting center



From city center:

Train 4 minutes
Car 15 minutes

From Airport:

Train 27 minutes
Car 15 minutes


Technical solutions

Optional solutions

Floor 2K

Floor 1K

Floor 1.

Floor 2.

Floor 3.

Floor 4.

Floor 5.

Floor 6.